Vesta has had a lot of obstacles in her life but she never gave up. She had bad days and good days before she was a healthy fox again. Without the help of people, she would not have survived. She is now an educational animal which means she gets to go out in her community and teach people about her story and Iowa wildlife.

Vesta. She still had trauma. Her whiskers had been burnt off. Her paws were so swollen that they were larger than her nose.

Vesta having a little socialization with Mojo. He was a very mellow dog who would put up with her when she wanted to play. Her playful energy only lasted a couple of minutes.

Vesta, after her surgery for her infection. This was the noises she would make letting us know she was not ok with the cone or being in a kennel. To this day, she still makes these noises when she wants something.