Our Vision

Linn County Wildlife Rehabilitation started in a small house on the NE side of Cedar Rapids with Amber Oldfield. She began her journey with wildlife in her early 20’s and found this was her calling. There was a need so severely that her home could be full to capacity and animals were still needing her help. Rachel Hawkin’s was LCWR first committed volunteer. She is a graduate from Kirkwood Community College with a degree in Veterinarian Technician. As an almost one-man operation, there were times when they didn’t have enough donations that some animals had to be referred out of state or out of county. Amber created a vision of wanting to have an actual building and land where more animals could be accommodated and have the possibility of having some long-term residents that just can’t be released. As the blocks started to fall into place, the first addition was Vesta, a red fox, native to Iowa. She came to LCWR On March 9th, 2017 with severe burns all over her body. The most obvious burns were to her back and her paws. Her paws were so swollen, you couldn’t even see that she had toenails. With some time, Vesta started to heal. It became obvious that her scars were large and that caused a problem when she was 3 months old. She broke out with an underlining infection on her chest. There were only two options. Put her down(Euthanize) or go ahead and try surgery. Vesta had already created a fan base on Facebook so donations were asked for immediately. With so much support, enough money was collected after just 30 minutes that Vesta went in for surgery. Vesta started to heal and get healthier and it was decided to make a special enclosure just for her. After a little fundraising, the enclosure was built and Vesta now resides outside where she loves to be.  It is with continued efforts that a building with land and a 501(C)3 Non-Profit status happen in the future.

Ethical Statement:

LCWR rescues, cares and releases all Wildlife Native to Iowa except for Raptor Birds. We believe that every animal, rare or common, regardless of species-are deserving of our care, attention, and respect.  We will help educate our community as it sees fit. We are open to the public and will always need volunteers as we cannot function without them. All decisions made with each individual animal is based on quality of life.

Vesta the Fox. This image is about 2 weeks after we received her.